! Walk For Hunger ! Walk For Cause !

Every year there’s this event take place in city of Boston “Project Bread – Walk for hunger”. Its 20 mile walk loop passing through different town of Boston suburbs. It’s always on first Sunday in month of May. I started walking for this cause since 2009, and being doing this consecutively from past 3 years.  It’s been great experience and very motivational when you walking with 100,000 people at same time starting from Boston Commons. I set limit of fundraising every year.

First year, I walked 10 miles. Second year, I walked 15 miles. Third year, I walked 18 miles. Next target is to complete 20 miles.

TIPS: Carry extra pair of socks otherwise there are chances of getting blisters on your feet. Also carry some cereal/granola bars to boost you during walk if you are hungry. Plenty of water will be provided on the way so don’t care to stock up with water. Also food will be provided half way mile stone. There are several tips on website itself.



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