* * FRIENDS * *

Sometimes, I think how can you define friendship or rather type of friends? Do you really need to define them? Do you really want to define the way friendship works? I doubt it. I think it’s one of the hardest and hot topics to discuss among both old and young generation. What are your limits? The definition and perspective changes as you change country. Really???  Really friendship has become that difficult these days that you required to define it. Sign of faith and trust is getting lesser and lesser this days. After logging into face book several times in a day, question comes into my mind are they all really my friends or they use to be my good friends and for now we are just face book friends liking or commenting on each other wall post. Should we really categorize our friends in different boxes? These days friendship trust, courtesy and faith is all vanished. Everyone has created a fake wall around them; they have locked their emotions inside. And the ones who let their emotions out of their friendship they are called as insane. Being a helping hand or talkative or of your friendly nature people started taking advantage of you, they started taking you lite, they misuse and end up in situation of cross check where you weren’t even involved. It’s so hard to believe that trust and bond between two friends is dying and it has become so difficult to maintain it. We strive to maintain relationship with everyone.

Right from childhood…I grew up with friends in boarding; we were nurtured with great values….. “Sab Ek Hain” (All r One) there’s no type or differences among us we all are friends. We help, share and support each other in any circumstances. But I am amazed by how things are changing fast around you, as you grow. There’s competition everywhere… “Jahan dekho Loot Machi Hain” people have become so greedy and selfish they started categorizing you……. It’s so hard to trust anyone… But I am glad that in this crazy world I still have few gems who r precious. Old is Gold!!!



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