SCION 0 – 100,000 Miles Journey

SCION tC : 0 -100,000 Miles Journey over 8 years.

Our first investment Scion tC.  We bought our Scion tC’05 model in 2004, today it marked 100,000 mile odometer reading.  We still think as it was yesterday that we bought our new car. Year flies By. Here are some countdown pictures. We planning to hit 150,000 miles on it. Hope it survives with us.

Other than daily commute to and from work to home. It travelled over more than 15 states in US and uncountable city destinations. It travelled across cities, mountains, forest, dirt road, freeways, bridges, tunnels, shore-lines, country-side. It also made it to international trip to CANADA and still counting more on to travel. Stay tuned – That’s SCION!!!

Scion tC

Scion tC – 99,998

Scion tC

Scion tC 99,999

Scion tC

Scion tC 100,000

Scion tC

Scion tC – 100,000 (Odometer)


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