!*! It’s Me !*!

Firstly,  Thanks for checking out my blog. I am neither a great writer nor an avid reader. But trying my hands on blogging… So please do bear with me…. 

For long time I was hunting for a place where I can collect all my after hour activities. So thought this would be the best place to start with. I will be blogging mainly on our travel experience to different destinations, some daily DIY projects within house, painting, gardening, dance, some delicious tried and tasted recipes and so on.

Nothing Is Impossible!!!!!!

Little bit about me, I belong to huge family, really happy to have a wonderful parents and a younger brother also lucky enough to have great in-laws and sweet sis in-law.  I am happily married to an awesomest, coolest and most adorable person on this planet.  Also have ample of friends around the globe. I try to stay connected and spend time with my family and friends.

I have great passion for dance….no matter what kind of music is punched in I can dance thru any beats. It was my childhood dream to work under the great “Shaimak Davar”.

Love to spend time around the house by involving in activities like small art or craft type projects, gardening, painting, decorating. Also love to cook for my hubby as he is food lover.

Big time travel freak ….my dream is to explore all the places around the globe.



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