** Celebrating Our Son’s First Birthday **

Pop On Over For Splash and Bubble Fun!!!!!

Every child first birthday is so important for parents. Each and every parent want a grand celebration for their first child first birthday.

Our Son is Spring baby. Being an New Englander wanted to organize and celebrate party outdoors rather than indoors.

So we decided to go ahead and organize it in our back yard. For DIY Birthday celebration you need some kind of planning as every event requires.


1) Decide first guest List

–  It’s easier this days to just create and send invitation online. There are all sought of website like Evite, Punchbowl, Google Invite and so on.

–  We use Evite to create Invitation and Guest List once Its finalized we emailed it.

2) Decide Venue according to number of guest.

–  We organized party in out backyard. So had to quote an order for tent , table and chairs. Got reasonable quote for around $250 for 40 guest

you require 20*20 feet tent and 4 big party size tables sitting 10 people on each table.

3) Decide the Birthday Party theme. (now because its first birthday you want something that your baby and guest enjoys as well)

–  To make it more fun and interactive for all different age of kids (from infants to 6 year olds) we decide to go with splash and bubble theme.

4) Decide on Menu based on birthday party theme

– We planned on not to cater food and cook food at home which requires a lot of planning and pre prep. So here was the menu based on party



  1. Fruit Bubbles on skewers (scoop fruits thru ice-cream scoop) watermelon, grapes, blueberries, strawberries.
  2. Veggies bubbles on skewers ( cherry tomatoes, olives, mozzarella cheese stick, pineapple)
  3. Dahi vada
  4. Papdi chaat


  1. Fruit punch bowl with colorful fruits
  2. Soda

     Main Course

  1. Chole
  2. Aaloo Mutter Masala
  3. Kadhai Paneer
  4. Chicken Tikka Masala
  5. Boondi Raita
  6. Salad ( onion, mooli, red radish, tomatoes, cucumber)
  7. Mix variety Naan
  8. Jeera Rice


  1. Birthday Cake

5) Decide on Birthday Party Decor, Invitations, return gifts, games and etc.

Birthday Party Decor

  1. Created DIY One Year Baby Photo Banner
  2. DIY Personalized Birthday Banner
  3. Pom-Poms for Tent
  4. Birthday Flag for Tent
  5. DIY Photo Frame for Photo Shoot
  6. We bought several automatic operated bubble generated toys
  7. Small pool to enjoy
  8. Water sprayer
  9. Bubble wand
  10. Water guns

   Birthday Invitations wordings 

     Time sure flies. When I’m having fun!
Come to my party. I’m turning one!

Please join as I celebrate by popping bubbles and splashing water, smashing cake and icing in the hair.
We’ll jump, roll and hop, The fun will never stop!
There’s a big party that we hope you can make!

Please do bring towels and extra pair of change.
Gift Card would be preferable.

     Little Vyom

   Birthday Return Gifts

  1. Small Package of Bubble Kit
  2. Small Single Race Car
  3. Personalize Thanks You Card ( made using MS Publisher)
  4. Bandana
  5. Small one color box of play dough
  6. We had special gifts for infants (mainly clothing)

6) Last and least decide Birthday Boy and Parents outfits.

We decided to go with peach color. For birthday boy we made him wear cool dude attire ( peach boy shorts with sleeveless jersey and open shirt on

top and bandana or cap side wise on head). Parents wore peach hue outfit.

Hope the pictures will do some justice to what I wrote. We had a grand celebration. All guest and our son enjoyed at its fullest.

Special Thanks and credit to our friends Sachin, Natesh and Vannie who took extra effort to click wonderful pics of the event.




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