Inception of Motherhood and the Journey begins…

Inception of Motherhood and the Journey begins…

I had been out for almost more than a year and half. Trying to catch up and start re-blogging.

Everyone goes through a turbulence of emotions when they plan and trying to have first child. It’s milestone achievement for a girl turning to be a mom.

We were simply overwhelmed in mid- October 2012 by the news when we found out that I was pregnant. Yes!!!! We were so excited and couldn’t stop expressing our gestures of love and happiness. Journey through pregnancy was very smooth with lots of calls to congratulate us and overwhelming instructions of what to do and what not.

I think simple rule is, if you carrying healthy pregnancy then stay and continue on what you are doing. Try to stay fit and eat healthy. Add lots of protein, fiber, iron, folic acid in your diet. Try to incorporate pre natal yoga as it helps out a lot. Signup and read through baby blogs, baby center and mom groups on Facebook and other sites, for all sort of information to keep satiating your curiosity on what’s going inside your womb ,what’s going to happen next, what precautions you should take, what steps to take next , how to prepare for baby etc..etc…

It’s amazing to experience such a wonderful journey of carrying a baby inside your womb for nine months.

First time ever I had two heartbeats in me. WOW !!!

The First kick from inside, the first movement within the womb ,  the first baby turn , and many more firsts to come….it all gives me immense happiness which I don’t think I can even share..!!!

Finally, the day arrived when I entered contraction stage at 37th week. After struggling through 36 hours of labor my angel, my prince charming arrived in this beautiful world on 27th May 2013.

Thanks everyone for lovely and warm wishes, thoughts, gifts and support.

Special Thanks to my family and my dear hubby who have been around 24/7. Without them this journey seems impossible.

I am now busy enjoying my darling my wonderful baby each and every moment , each and every day. Enjoying motherhood!!!!!