Kuttu / Shingara / Singada Ke Aata (Flour) Ki Roti Ya Puri

Can be eaten during Fast ( Vrat / Upwas )

Ingredients :

  • Kuttu Ka Aata (Buckwheat Flour) – 1 cup
  • Ubla Aloo (Boiled Potatoes) – 3 medium-sized, mashed well
  • Kasoori Methi (Dry Fenugreek Leaves) – 1 tbsp, crush between palms OR Dhania (Cilantro / Coriander)
  • Sendha namak (Rock Salt) –  if preparing for fast other wise use regular salt… add according to taste 
  • Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) –  As per taste.


  • Mix all ingredients together into a chapati/roti dough.
  • Please do not add any water as boiled potatoes are more than enough to mix the flour. Unless if u fill to add few drops of water than do so… because sometimes the aaloo (potatoes)  r too dry.. best would be to prepare dough immediately when potatoes r just boiled.

For Roti –

  • Make a lemon size ball from the dough for roti and 1 inch size for Puri and roll it into a small circle or u can even tap with your fingers directly on tava (pan) or on chakla (granite). Remember you won’t be able to make them really thin and the dough may start breaking, so keep them thick.
  • Grease pan with few drops of oil and place the uncooked roti on pan. Flip to other side when you see brown spots on the side facing to tawa/pan. 
  • After flipping on other side wait for few minutes and then try to press the roti with help of “spatula-turner”.
  • Apply some ghee to it and its ready to eat.

For Puri –

  • Instead of roasting on pan we will deep fry in oil.
  • Pour some oil in frying pan enough that you can deep fry.
  • Roll the dough into small circle and keep it bit thick and don’t roll it to thin otherwise it will turn out crispy.
  • First test the oil is ready for deep-frying. Drop small piece of dough in frying pan, if it rises up than oil is ready otherwise wait for few minutes and repeat the same step for checking whether oil is ready or not.
  • Drop the puri in oil for frying. Dip the puri with the help of  frying spoon. This will help puri to puff up. Turn the puri otherside and repeat the same. Till the puri changes it color it will give bit brownish red color. Remove
  • Remove from the pan and place puri on cloth / paper napkin to drain excess oil.


It goes very well if serve with yogurt/curd or Pickle(Aachar) or Raita.