I believe dance is the best form of art.

You cannot touch music.

A painting or a sculpture has no life,

but you can pose like a sculpture while dancing;

you can take the colours from a painting with your clothes and sets.

You can dance to music.

— Saroj Khan

DANCE IS MY PASSION.  I am into dancing since my childhood. I love dancing on any beats of music. I tried my hands on to learn Indian Classical Dance – Kathak while I was in school at age of 10-14. But than I moved on forward to folk and Bollywood dance and never completed all gharanas in Kathak. After entering college life, I use to perform and participate at various college and city level competitions and functions. I am a big fan of Shaimak Davar. I grew up watching his choreography, couldn’t join his school or summer camp due to heavy fee charges. But thanks to technology, I can now stream thru net and get his choreography video and follow his steps. This days I am trying to learn different form of dance, got inspired by one of the finest dancer and choreographer Remo D’Souza & Vaibhavi Merchant. I will give entire credit of my dance passion to Madhuri Dixit a known Bollywood actress for her dance style.

After moving to USA I joined Raksha Aunty (Raksha Dave – Nartan Dance Academy) here I was in Senior Group and we participated and performed at various region and national level at FOGANA ( Our Senior group always use to get the first winner prize and that motivated our group always. Now as I moved to New England Area to keep up my dance spirit I started teaching individual Bollywood dance classes. Being both Gujju and carrying dance passion,  burst out during Navratri by playing Garba and Dandia/Raas non stop till the show ends.

Unfortunately, I have no dance pictures back from college or school days. But here’s some of the different variations that we performed at Nartan Dance Academy in Detroit.

Art in any form, is an expression of aesthetic feel.
Techniques, Perfection & imaginations go into making it.



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