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!*!*!*!*! HOLI HAIN !*!*!*!*!

HOLI – This festival day is considered as one of the religious, happiest and most colorful day of the year, falls in spring and celebrated by entire India. For further information about Holi would leave a wiki link to follow – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi

On the auspicious occasion of HOLI different state has their unique dish (Puran Poli in Maharashtra, Gaadi Rotli in Gujarat, Gujjiyas in UP).



As this year of time HOLI falls during weekday. So to start with short n sweet menu I decided to make few dishes based on demands from my hubby and brother.

1)      Puran Poli / Gaadi Rotli

2)      Rava/Sooji Ki Kheer

Big time miss playing Holi at Pune, we were not even able to recognize people that bad we use to play….and while in Panchgani we were not allowed to play with colors but we use to play with water balloons it was fun. I love playing Holi with colors …there’s saying “Agar Holi rang se na kheli tau kya kheli Holi”. So I planned a HOLI Party at our residence invited few close friends and decided on lunch menu,

1)      Aaloo Tikki Chole Chaat

2)      Green Peas Pulao with Palak Kadhi

3)      Chawal Ki Kheer

4)      Gujjiyas from market

We were so enthu playing that hardly got nice click that I can post it here…but still here are some after math few edited clicks….

One of friends hair do after playing Holi!!!

After playing Holi!!!

After Playing Holi


After Playing Holi!!!