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Mooli (Raddish) Paratha

Sunday to Sunday we make paratha’s at house. And out of many Mooli Paratha is my hubby’s most favorite paratha. He wants them well done as Mummyji’s style. This specific recipe straight comes from my Mother in-laws (Mummyji’s)  kitchen. Follow the steps as below  to get it right.

Ingredients for Dough:

  • Wheat Flour – 2 cups
  • Water as per consistency (stiff dough)
  • 1tbsp oil (In my version I have not used it but if you would like you can add it)
  • Ajwain seeds
  • Salt to taste

Ingredients for Stuffing:

  • 3 medium Mooli (Raddish) grated
  • 1/2 tbsp Jeera (Cumin seeds)
  • 1/2 tbsp Coriander/Jeera powder
  • 4 Green chillies, chopped finely
  • 1/2 tbsp ginger grated
  • 2 tbsp Coriander leaves
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric (Its optional if you want to maintain the mooli color than don’t add)


I have included all the steps with the image so you can relate  with the picture posted.

Wheat Dough

Sieve the wheat flour add salt & Ajwain. Add water and knead to stiff dough. Cover and keep aside.

  • Peel the skin off from radish and grate it.Mix with salt and set it aside.
  • After few minutes squeeze the excess water from the radish mixture thoroughly.
  • Heat a pan with oil and splutter jeera, than add green chilli,ginger and fry well for few seconds.
  • Add the squeezed radish to the mixture and also add all other ingredients for stuffing.
  • Mix well and let it be on stove till all the moisture evaporates and the stuffing becomes dry on medium flame.(for 10-15mins)
  • Once stuffing is ready, let is cool down. Below is the picture of the mixture.

Mooli (Raddish) stuffing is ready

Make Dough Balls

Make Dough Balls

Dust the dough balls

Dust the dough balls liberally and roll out.


Roll out two individual roti for two layer of paratha.


Now place one roti in bottom, spread the Mooli stuffing evenly on roti.


Now cover the top with the other layer of roti we made previously. And press all over the sides.


Place the paratha on hot skillet/ tava and cook untill you seelight brown spots appearing and than turn over to other side.


Spread oil over the parantha and press to make it crispy well done and brown on both sides.


Mooli Layer Paratha is all ready and hot to be served with Raita , Yogurt/ Curd/ Dahi or Pickle or Chutney.


** Hope you enjoy the layer paratha recipe from my mother in law’s kitchen **


Vegetable Picking

Pick your own vegetable

I’ve always wanted to experience vegetable picking. For most of the people vegetable picking might not be on the top of the list to do. I hail from farming family background. My grandfather and father was farmer they use to own their farm long back time. I still hear lot many stories and experiences from my Dad. Always wanted to go for vegetable picking, use to wonder how the actual plant looks like.

What to wear and carry along:

Vegetable picking is fun activity with friends and family but can be tiring for some. This activity is purely weather dependent. You can beat the sun and go early in the morning. Make sure you dress up in your old pair of clothes for which you won’t really bother if they get dirty. Also wear shoes (closed toe shoes) and avoid wearing sandals. If you are allergic or sensitive to dust make sure you wear full sleeves shirt and pants (Unless it’s blazing hot day). Keep a hat handy and sunscreen if you are sun sensitive.

Carry pair of cotton gloves it will be very handy. Carry knife and scissors to cut the vegetable from the plant. You might not want to damage the plants by plucking the vegetables. Make sure you carry few garbage bags or newspaper to lay it on your car floor. As you will end up bringing dirt along with vegetables.

What to do:

Before you start the day make sure you call the farm whether they are open for the day and check their timings. Most of the farm timing varies, so make sure you read their rules and pricing.

Before entering farm make sure you collect the farm map to make your life easier when you driving and hunting for vegetable in the farm. Some farm requires you to pay beforehand but some like the one we visit every year they charge us on our return. They have typical one size bags, which are generally either $10 or $12 per bag with vegetables. No matter what vegetable you pick from the farm. Here are some of the pictures from the McQuesten Farm in NH. We visit them every year for Pick you own vegetables. They open up around mid of August until 1stOctober. Enjoy!!!

After Vegetable Picking:

Make sure once you go home you clean thoroughly all the vegetables. As they might have a lot of dirt on them.  Wipe them and let it dry for 12 hours at least than place it in fridge or cook the way you like it.

Did you ever go for vegetable picking or fruit picking?

What vegetable or fruit did you pick?

Share your comments below.


PUERTO RICO – First trip in 2012 over Memorial weekend (May).

NOTE: Please check out the pictures at the end of this page. Thanks!

We were so excited about this trip as we were going to have fun in warm waters un like here in New England water it’s like freaking cold all year round. Couldn’t resist soaking ourselves in salty warm water of Caribbean.


Did bit research definitely wanted to explore more of Caribbean. So I compared few places like Bahamas (unsafe, overcrowded and especially for cruise), Virgin Islands/ British Virgin Islands (more for honey mooners) and Puerto Rico. On comparing these places we selected Puerto Rico because of its uniqueness it’s like all-inclusive package deal, lots to do and explore on big island. They have history, culture, Bioluminescent Bay and various excursion activities. Planning was easier as we also got some helpful tip from our friends who have already been to PR.

First thing that got me clicked to Puerto Rico was Bioluminescent Bay reason that on web it was somewhere mentioned that you never know for how long would this natural wonder exist. So I definitely jumped into it thinking something I wanna see before it disappears one day. As it said by Captain Sharon Grasso – “Hidden along the Caribbean coast is one of the most spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the world. The mysterious blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs. A trip into the bay on a balmy night is a magical experience.”


Our key to trip is to spend least on flight and hotel accommodations. We found great deal at Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort  got partial ocean view room booked which had small balcony and still amazing overlook to ocean.


We definitely had some excursions to do on our list. So we decided to list on following excursions

1)      Zip lining

2)      Rappelling

3)      Sea Kayaking

4)      Rain Forest Trekking

We booked all excursion before two weeks of our trip through EcoQuest Adventures and Tours” http://www.ecoquestpr.com/ecoh.html. We would highly recommend this company for any excursion in Puerto Rico they were awesome, well-organized and responsible.

We opted for two excursions




1)      Old San Juan City

2)      El Morro National Monument (Castillo San Felipe del Morro)

3)      Barrachina – Birthplace of the Original Piña Colada

4)      El Yunque Rain Forest (We skipped it as we did San Salvador Rain Forest)

5)      Luquillo Beach ( We skipped because our hotel beach was awesome)

6)      Streets – Calle Fortaleza (nice restaurants), San Francisco (nice restaurants), Calle Del Cristo (branded shopping area)

7)      La Fortaleza (office and residence of Governor of Puerto Rico)


DAY 1:

We got up early in morning had buffet breakfast at hotel and we were ready to get picked up at 8am by Eco Quest Tour Guys. Van came sharp on time in fact they were early. We met Hector, Huero and Mojito they were our tour guide for entire day excursions. Please do follow the instruction what they have given on their website on what to prepare for excursion. Make sure you have one extra pair of dry clothes back in van to change at end of excursion as you will get wet in Rainforest. It would be not advisable to carry back pack with you along while you trekking or doing any excursion also make sure you have tiny camera or water proof camera.

Our Excursion started with long river water stream up in rain forest. It was scary and fun at same time. It was way slippery so make sure you have water-resistant shoes we bought “Teva” for our trip. After hour and 2 hour worth of trekking we reached point where we had to do Rappelling under 80feet of water fall it’s an amazing experience. Check out pictures. After Rappelling they offered some fresh fruits and then we were off for zip lining. We did 3 seta of zip lining awesome view and feeling. After zip lining we were offered home cooked Puertorican meal. Being a vegetarian they were nice enough to cook us awesome vegetarian Puerto Rican meal. Picture says it all. It was great to learn that many Puerto Ricans are vegetarian but some do eat Seafood too but very rare population that eats red meat. At around 4pm they dropped us back to our hotel.

We took some rest and got freshened up and headed to Old San Juan city for dinner. We took taxi from our hotel worth $20 each one way trip. But it was worth it with no tension of driving and parking especially. We got dropped at Plaza Colón, thats were mainly cab driver will drop you and from there we stroll around the old city. Streets to explore “Calle Fortaleza” and “CAlle San Francisco” has some nice restaurants.  Calle Fortaleza leads to La Fortaleza which is office and residence of governor of Puerto Rico.

We stopped by “Barrachina – The Birth Place of Pinacoladas” how can we miss on that one. http://barrachina.com/.  Best ever Pinacoladas!!!!! After that we had dinner at “Café Berlin” if you are vegetarian this place is must to try. We had “Argentina Meat Loaf” it was yummy. After dinner we headed back to our hotel. Night life at our hotel is one of the most happening live music entertainments in town called “Picante”. We enjoyed till late night moving on SALSA beats.

 DAY 2:

Next day we got up and headed back to Old San Juan City to tour the great history and culture El Morro Fort “El Morro National Monument (Castillo San Felipe del Morro)”.

We had breakfast just next door to Café Berlin they had awesome breakfast we had vegetable wrap, Coconut-milk French toast with pineapple sauce and Puertorican coffee mmmm awesome breakfast. We headed than towards El Morro, you can walk through scenic ocean facing sidewalks or cut through city exploring. We took random streets as we wanted to see some city beautiful houses it’s so colorful.

For history check out the website http://www.nps.gov/elmo/index.htm

Don’t forget to try some slush, popsicle of different tropical fruit flavor and of course how can you miss on PinaColada flavor. Puertorican are known for Pinacoladas….

Around 3pm we headed back to hotel as we had evening scheduled for BIOLUMINESCENT BAY at FAJADRO which is like quite an hour or two worth drive. Tour guide picked us up from hotel around 4pm. We reached Fajadro around 6pm. We were given direction how to follow each other in dark night and kayak in sea through mangroves and some instructions once we reach lagoon. We were excited for the fun.

Kayaking through sea and mangroves was thrilling experience couldn’t capture any picture as we didn’t carry along camera. All pictures are during day time the sun was already set by the time we started kayaking and it was pitch dark. There were in total 16 kayaks and each kayak held 2 people. I and G struggled a bit at fist to maneuver our kayak and of course me freaking out as I am kayaking in sea and worried more what if kayak flips. Luckily throughout going in and coming out of mangroves we were all good and safely reached back on shore after 3 hours of kayaking (almost 45 mins to one hour paddling each way). We had to follow the guide into the ocean, and then into a small stream lined with mangrove trees to reach the lagoon. The way in was extremely stressful! Multiple groups led tours into the Bio Bay, and there is only one route in and out. There were parts that the stream was about 20 feet wide and there were groups passing each other, it was also totally dark, the only light was from the small glow sticks on the front and back of the kayaks. Multiple times we ended up in the mangrove trees and then had to find a way to pull ourselves out. It was scary at same time as it was pitch dark didn’t wanted to lose track where all other group mates are as we have to follow them throughout mangroves otherwise it’s said that you will  never find way out in dark if you get lost. Some people try to be funny and they bump into you but that drive me insane as its pitch dark and very tiring to maneuver. We finally made it to the Bay, and it was absolutely amazing! There are microorganisms in the water that, when disturbed, glow a bright blue. You could run your hand or paddle through the water and the shape would stay. Heading out of the lagoon bay was easier as we had an idea also had some rest and since we were quiet in front number 3 out of 16 kayaks so we could see the light of the guide in front of us and just had to paddle straight. Sea kayaking in dark under mangroves itself is great adventure. We got back to our hotel around midnight.

DAY 3:

We had flight back in evening. So we just relaxed at hotel beach resort. As G says that was a perfect vacation with a bit of everything.

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Hope you enjoyed trip pictures. (Includes rainforest, Beach resort, Old San Juan , El Morro and other pictures)



Chaat is famous as one of the street food. It’s mouth watering when you even think of it. It’s full of different flavors tangy, sweet, sour, sweet, spicy, and crunchy. Serving size for 10-12.

Ingredients Aloo tikki:

  • Medium Size Potatoes – 10-12
  • Salt, Cumin, Dania, Amchur, Red Chilly, Turmeric, Chaat Masala Powder ( 1tbsp or as per taste)
  • Green Chilly/Ginger paste – 1tbsp
  • Lemon – ½ cut
  • Coriander (Cilantro) – ½ cup
  • Bread crumbs for covering tikki’s before placing to pan for shallow frying.
  • Oil – 2tbsp

Ingredients Chole:

  • Chole (Garbanzo Beans) – 2 cups
  • Turmeric, Salt as per taste
  • Chole Masala – 2 tbsp
  • Whole Cloves – 2
  • Cinamon Stick -1
  • Badi Elaichi (black cardamom) – 1
  • Bay Leaf -1
  • Cumin Seeds (Jeera) – ½ tbsp
  • GreenChilly/Ginger/Garlic Paste – 1tbsp
  • Large Onion Chopped – 1
  • Large Tomato Chopped -1
  • Oil – ½ tbsp

Ingredients Green Chutney:

  • Cilantro (Coriander) Leaves – 2 bunch
  • Mint Leaves – 1 small bunch
  • Raw Green Mango Medium – ½
  • Salt as per taste
  • Lemon Juice– ½
  • Green Chilly – 3-4 as per spice level

Preparations For Aloo Tikki:

  • Boiled the potatoes in pressure cooker by adding water to it until all potatoes soak. (2.5 liter cooker 2-3 whistle enough)
  • Once the potato cools down peel off the skin, mash them and add all the ingredients except bread crumbs.
  • Mix the mixture thoroughly so that there’s no big piece of aloo left behind.
  • Aloo Tikki Mix

  • Now make the round bowls and flatten them and cover it with bread crumbs.
  • Heat the griddle/pan/tava spread ½ tbsp of oil all over inside the pan. Now place all the tikki’s in the pan and shallow fry all of them till both the sides turn brown and crispy.
  • Aloo Tikki Ready

Preparations For Chole :

  • Soak Chole over night in double quantity of water.
  • Soak Garbanzo Beans Overnite

  • Pressure Cook the Chole by adding 3 times of water to it. Also add Whole cloves, bay leaf, and cinnamon stick. (2.5 liter cooker needs 5-6 whistle)
  • Heat the skillet add oil and cumin seeds to it. Once it splutters add chopped onions, salt and green chilly/ginger/garlic paste to it and sauté for 5-6 minutes than add tomatoes to it and sauté for next 5-8 minutes.
  • Now add all the remaining masala to it and sauté the mixture for 1 minute.
  • Tadka

  • Now add mixture to the Chole and bring it to boil.
  • Garnish with Cilantro
  • Chole Ready

NOTE:  For instant one you can use canned Garbanzo Beans. (Personally I dontliek the taste so I prefer making it from scratch)

Preparations for Green Chutney:

  • Wash and cut Cilantro and Mint and Green Chilies.
  • Cut the raw mango into small cube pieces.
  • Grind all the ingredients to gather my adding little bit water. (Add water only if required to help grind it smoother).
  • Make sure the chutney doesn’t become very liquidy. If so filter out the water later on.
  • Green Cilantro / Coriander Chutney

Preperations For Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat:

  • Once you all have the above dishes ready.
  • Place two Aloo tikkis in a bowl. Add ½ cup chole on top of it.
  • Now add 1/2 tbsp of brown chutney (store brought – Tamarind Date chutney) and add ½ tbsp of homemade green chutney on top.
  • Cilantro and Tamarind Chutney

  • Now add 1tbsp of yogurt on top.
  • Garnish with Thin Sev (store brought) and cilantro.
  • You can add ingredients as per taste….mmm …yummy…
Aloo Tikki Chole Chaat Ready




This dish hails from both the part of family. (LAUKI in Hindi also known as Bottle Gourd, Ghiya in Punjabi, Doodhi in Gujarati) and (Channa daal known as Split Yellow Chickpeas)


  • Medium Size Lauki – 1
  • Channa Daal – ½ cup
  • Chopped Medium Onion – 1
  • Chopped Medium Tomato – 1
  • Green Chilly / Ginger  Paste – 1 tbsp
  • Red Chilly powder , Salt, Turmeric, Cumin/Dhania Powder, Aamchur  as per taste
  • Cumin Seeds – ½ tbsp
  • Mustard Seeds – ½ tbsp
  • Pinch of Hing (Asafoetida)
  • Oil – 1tbsp


  • Peel off the skin of Lauki and cut into small cube sizes.
  • Pressure cook the Lauki and Channa daal (for 2.5 liter give 3-4 whistle).
  • Let the cooker cool down.
  • Boiled Lauki and Channa Daal

  • Mean while take a kadai (Pan) add oil to it and also add hing , mustard & cumin seeds to it. Once it splutters add green chilly/ginger paste and chopped onions to it and add little salt.
  • Sauté the mixture until onion turn translucent. After that add chopped tomatoes to it.
  • After couple of minutes add all the remaining masala (spices) and mix it well.
  • Tadka

  • Now add the pressure cooked lauki and channa daal to the mixture and mix it well and bring it to boil.
  • Garnish with coriander (cilantro) and serve it hot with Roti /Parantha or Naan.
Lauki Channa Daal




Green Peas Pulao (Pilaf):

This is very easy, quick and convenient way to prepare. In case you have someone visitng you on short notice you can prepare this dish. Serving size 10-12 people.


  • Basmati – 2 cups ( you can presoak for 15-20 mins not necessary)
  • Peas – 1 cup peas (fresh or frozen)
  • Chopped medium onion – 1
  • Chopped Garlic Cloves – 2-3
  • Green chilies/ginger paste – 1tbsp
  • Cashews pieces – 4-5
  • Whole Cloves – 4
  • Black Cardamom – 1
  • Green Cardamom – 2-3
  • Cinnamon Stick – 1
  • Bay Leaf 1
  • Cumin Seeds (Jeera) – ½ tbsp
  • Coriander Seeds (Dhania) – 1tsp
  • Salt as per taste
  • 100% Carrot Juice – 3tbsp or Chopped Carrots – ½ cup
  • Coriander (Cilantro) for garnishing


  • So I use Electric Rice Cooker for making Rice. It’s much easier for me as one less item to check on while I am cooking multiple dishes.
  • Heat the oil in sauce pan. Add Cumin/coriander seeds, cinnamon, black/green cardamom, bay leaf, cashew pieces and sauté for while.
  • Now add onions and green chilly/ginger paste to it and sauté for next 5 mins.
  • Once u see onions getting translucent add peas and carrots to it and sauté for 1 min.
  • Now wash the basmati rice thoroughly and add into electric cooker container. Add the sauté mixture to the rice, add salt and now add carrot juice if u haven’t used carrots.
  • Add 2-1/2 cups of water and close the lid and set the desired cooker settings. (You can also cook on stove within the same sauté saucepan, you just have to check after several intervals whether its cooked or not.) Garnish with Cilantro.

Serve: With Raita, Dahi (Yogurt/Curd), Kadhi or Curry.

Green Peas Pulao




Palak Kadhi:

Palak – Spinach, Kadhi – mixture of yogurt and besan (chickpea flour)

Palak Kadhi is very healthy and full of nutrition’s. First time I tried this dish at one of my best friend place and loved it. She shared recipe to me and from then I started making it. It’s been now couple of years and we all love it.

There are various kinds of Kadhi I grew up eating both Gujarati and Punjabi Kadhi.

Palak Kadhi is very similar to Gujarati Kadhi except no sugar in Palak Kadhi and No Palak in Gujarati Kadhi. Whereas Punjabi Kadhi so far I tried making twice only as you have to prepare pakodas for it. And I try to stay far from fried food. Pakoda Kadhi is good for special occasion.

Serving Size 10-12 people


  • Yogurt/Curd/Dahi – 3 cups
  • Besan (Chickpea flour) – 3tbsp
  • Palak (Spinach) – 1lb ( it’s ok to add more as well)
  • Salt, Turmeric, cumin, coriander powder as per taste
  • Cumin , Coriander, Ajwain, Methi , Mustard seeds – ½ tsp each
  • Pinch of Asafoetida (hing)
  • Curry Leaves – 4-5
  • Whole cloves – 2-3
  • Cinnamon Stick – 1
  • Black pepper – 4-5
  • Chopped medium onion – 1
  • Chopped medium tomato – 1
  • Green chilly/ginger/garlic paste – 1tbsp


  • Take mixing bowl add yogurt, besan, all masala’s and mix it well. Make sure there’s no lumps left behind.
  • Heat the large container in you planning to prepare Kadhi on slow heat. Add oil to it and add all the seeds and curry leaves, cinnamon, cloves, hing and black pepper to the oil and wait till it sputters.
  • Now add chopped onions, green chilly/ginger/garlic paste and salt and sauté for 5-8 mins till you see the onions color change to translucent.
  • Now add cut spinach to it and sauté for 4 mins. Once you see the spinach is well mixed than add yogurt besan mixture to it. Stir for a while around 5 mins. Now add 1 cup of water and bring it to boil. Garnish with cilantro. It’s ready to be served.

Serve:  With Rice, Pulao, Biryani, Roti or Parantha.

Palak Kadhi



This dish is very famous on West coast part of India mainly from Gujarat/ Rajasthan and Maharashtra. We almost make this dish at every occasion or festival season. (Gujju Style known as Gaadi Rotli) – Makes around 12-14 Rotis

Ingredients for Mixture:

  • Toor (Tuvar) daal – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Nutmeg, cardamom powder – as per taste
  • Almonds powder – (not necessary)

Ingredients for Dough:

  • Whest Flour – 2 cups
  • Water as per consistency
  • Oil – 2tsp (I have not used in my version , considering later we gonna apply ghee on the roti)

Preparations for Mixture:

  • Pressure cook the Toor Daal by adding 2 cups of water. (For 2.5 liter cooker I had 3-4 whistle) and then let the cooker cool down.
  • Once cooker cools down add sugar to it and stir the mixture on low flame, until all the liquid evaporates (you should be able to make ball s of the mixture) 
  • Dal Puran Boiling

    Daal Puran Ready.

  • Now remove the mixture from the stove, add cardamom, nutmeg and almond powder to it. Let the mixture cool down for 30-40 minutes.

Preparations for Dough:

  • Knead the dough by adding slowly water to the flour. The consistency of the dough should not be hard or soft.
  • Make the dough ball, little big than golf size balls.

Preparations for Puran Poli:

  • Now roll out the dough roughly about 4 inch size of diameter in circular form.
  • Add mixture in the middle and cover the mixture by brining the edge of the dough on top center.
  • Roll Out The Dough and Place Mixture in Center

  • Bring the edge of the dough on top center.

  • Now start rolling the roti again up to 6 inch of diameter in circular form.
  • Heat the pan “tava” on low heat and place the puran poli on top of it.
  • Wait till you see the brown spots on the pan facing roti. Flip the roti and wait till it gets down from both the sides.
  • Puran Poli Ready To Serve With Ghee

SERVE:  Serve it warm with ghee.




SOOJI / RAVA KHEER (Semolina Pudding)

Quick and fast recipe if you have all the ingredients. Dish can be ready in 5-10 mins.


  • 1% Milk – 1 cup
  • Sooji (Rava) – 2ounces (55 gm)
  • Sugar – 3-4 tbsp
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder, Kesar (Saffron) as per taste or need.
  • Golden/Black Raisins – 10-12 pieces
  • Cut Almonds, Pista – 5-6 pieces


  • Heat the Kadai (pan) on slow heat.
  • Put the Ghee in it and then Sooji, dry roast till it starts changing color. (Make sure its doesn’t burned)
  • Add Milk to the mixture; stir the mixture thoroughly so that no lumps are formed.
  • Now add sugar and remaining ingredients and stir constantly.
  • Once you start observing that it starts getting towards the thick consistency remove from the stove. The consistency should not be too liquid.
  • In case you wanted to be more liquid than add milk to it and as per taste add sugar to it.
  • Serve Hot.  (Unfortunately I don’t step by step pictures for this one.) 

Rawa / Sooji Kheer




KHEER (Rice Pudding or Pal Payasam or Chawal Ki Kheer)

Kheer makes it to menu for most of the Indian festival or occasion. Serving size for 15-20 people


  • 2% Milk – 8 cup ( you can also substitute by 4 cups of 2% n 4 cups of skim milk or whole milk)
  • Rice – ½ cup (Try not to use Basmati ) (Use Sona Masuri Rice chk out in pic)
  • Sona Masuri Rice

  • Sugar – 3-4 tbsp or as per taste
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp
  • Cardamom powder, Kesar (Saffron) as per taste or need.
  • Golden Raisins – 10-12 pieces
  • Cut Almonds, Pista – 5-6 pieces


  • Heat the big utensil to prepare kheer on slow heat.
  • Heat the ghee in saucepan. Add chopped nuts and raisins to it. When nuts starts getting brownish. Add rice to it and let it roast for next 3-4 minutes. (Make sure it doesn’t burned)
  • Add Milk to the mixture and let it come to boil on medium heat. Keep stirring occasionally so milk doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Kheer Before Boil

  • Now add sugar and stir constantly. Stir until the milk reduces to half the quantity.
  • Kheer Boiling

  • You will come to know it’s done when rice is cooked and milk consistency starts thickening.
  • Add cardamom and saffron and stir it for while.
  • Garnish with some chopped nuts. Ready to be served.
  • Kheer Ready (I added more Kesar to bring this color)