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Vegetable Picking

Pick your own vegetable

I’ve always wanted to experience vegetable picking. For most of the people vegetable picking might not be on the top of the list to do. I hail from farming family background. My grandfather and father was farmer they use to own their farm long back time. I still hear lot many stories and experiences from my Dad. Always wanted to go for vegetable picking, use to wonder how the actual plant looks like.

What to wear and carry along:

Vegetable picking is fun activity with friends and family but can be tiring for some. This activity is purely weather dependent. You can beat the sun and go early in the morning. Make sure you dress up in your old pair of clothes for which you won’t really bother if they get dirty. Also wear shoes (closed toe shoes) and avoid wearing sandals. If you are allergic or sensitive to dust make sure you wear full sleeves shirt and pants (Unless it’s blazing hot day). Keep a hat handy and sunscreen if you are sun sensitive.

Carry pair of cotton gloves it will be very handy. Carry knife and scissors to cut the vegetable from the plant. You might not want to damage the plants by plucking the vegetables. Make sure you carry few garbage bags or newspaper to lay it on your car floor. As you will end up bringing dirt along with vegetables.

What to do:

Before you start the day make sure you call the farm whether they are open for the day and check their timings. Most of the farm timing varies, so make sure you read their rules and pricing.

Before entering farm make sure you collect the farm map to make your life easier when you driving and hunting for vegetable in the farm. Some farm requires you to pay beforehand but some like the one we visit every year they charge us on our return. They have typical one size bags, which are generally either $10 or $12 per bag with vegetables. No matter what vegetable you pick from the farm. Here are some of the pictures from the McQuesten Farm in NH. We visit them every year for Pick you own vegetables. They open up around mid of August until 1stOctober. Enjoy!!!

After Vegetable Picking:

Make sure once you go home you clean thoroughly all the vegetables. As they might have a lot of dirt on them.  Wipe them and let it dry for 12 hours at least than place it in fridge or cook the way you like it.

Did you ever go for vegetable picking or fruit picking?

What vegetable or fruit did you pick?

Share your comments below.



Hiked 6288-ft up to the summit of Mt. Washington known as Home of the World’s Worst Weather.  It was thrilling, adventurous experience with breath-taking scenic beauty of White Mountains. http://www.mountwashington.org/

As Mt Washington is known for the home of worst weather condition. Once you reach up the summit you can experience bitter cold, dense fog, sometimes heavy snow and very windy. But it’s one of the popular and famous among the experience hikers. It’s also one of the highest peaks in Northeast region.

We booked our motel in nearby town Gorham. Early morning we grabbed our breakfast and started our hike around 9am as we wanted to hike up and get earlier to summit during the day light. We decide to hike up “Tuckerman Ravine Trail”.  We split our group in two (one group of guys and other group of girls). Guys completed their hike in 4 hours where as girls took almost 6-7 hours as we were hiking and enjoying the nature beauty as well. We got lucky to have the best weather temperature, it was up to 60degF until we reached up. Up at summit temperature was 32degF with 30mph wind. It was freezing at summit. But overall experience was amazing.

Some hiking tip we referred http://www.mountwashington.org/about/visitor/summer_visits/hiking.php

Picture would tell everything that how amazing our hiking was with beautiful weather as cherry on top.