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Rhode Island

Few places so far we visited in Rhode Island State Narragansett Beach, Newport, Providence. Please check out below for details.

 NARRAGANSETT BEACH, RHODE ISLANDIt’s located in the center of town, one of the finest beaches in Rhode Island area, good for swimming and surfing. Its clean, has clear water, great waves, soft sand, nice boardwalk across the shore/ seawall and Narragansett pier.  We at least come here once in a summer time.  There’s admission fee to use the beach around $5 to $6 (carry cash). On Duty Lifeguards. Facilities provide showers, restrooms and refreshments. Also there’s rental and lessons available for surfing. Street parking and parking lots are available. Check out Pictures.

Must visit nearby eatery place lot of options – Crazy Burger Café and Juice Bar (http://www.crazyburger.com/ )

Narragansett Pier



This city has signature and unique event called WaterFire occurs on selective evenings.  Event occurs throughout summer till early fall. Check out the schedule and events before your arrival at http://waterfire.org/ . This event takes place right in front of the Providence mall. WaterFire evenings begin shortly past sunset and last until just past midnight when the fires burn out.  Check out pictures.

Across the street there’s lot of restaurants. We generally go to our one of the favorite restaurant “FIRE + ICE” http://www.fire-ice.com/locations/providence-ri/

WaterFire Event Providence,RI

WaterFire Event Providence,RI

FIRE+ICE Restaurant, Providence, RI



City mainly known for great Mansions. http://www.newportmansions.org/  We hardly visited any but if someone who really likes architecture, luxury homes and mansions than they must visit this city.  A nice cliff walk along the coast is recommended.

One of Mansions in NEWPORT,RI

One of Mansions in NEWPORT,RI

Newport Beach near Cliff walk



PUERTO RICO – First trip in 2012 over Memorial weekend (May).

NOTE: Please check out the pictures at the end of this page. Thanks!

We were so excited about this trip as we were going to have fun in warm waters un like here in New England water it’s like freaking cold all year round. Couldn’t resist soaking ourselves in salty warm water of Caribbean.


Did bit research definitely wanted to explore more of Caribbean. So I compared few places like Bahamas (unsafe, overcrowded and especially for cruise), Virgin Islands/ British Virgin Islands (more for honey mooners) and Puerto Rico. On comparing these places we selected Puerto Rico because of its uniqueness it’s like all-inclusive package deal, lots to do and explore on big island. They have history, culture, Bioluminescent Bay and various excursion activities. Planning was easier as we also got some helpful tip from our friends who have already been to PR.

First thing that got me clicked to Puerto Rico was Bioluminescent Bay reason that on web it was somewhere mentioned that you never know for how long would this natural wonder exist. So I definitely jumped into it thinking something I wanna see before it disappears one day. As it said by Captain Sharon Grasso – “Hidden along the Caribbean coast is one of the most spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the world. The mysterious blue-green light is created by micro-organisms which thrive in an environment uniquely suited to their needs. A trip into the bay on a balmy night is a magical experience.”


Our key to trip is to spend least on flight and hotel accommodations. We found great deal at Courtyard Isla Verde Beach Resort  got partial ocean view room booked which had small balcony and still amazing overlook to ocean.


We definitely had some excursions to do on our list. So we decided to list on following excursions

1)      Zip lining

2)      Rappelling

3)      Sea Kayaking

4)      Rain Forest Trekking

We booked all excursion before two weeks of our trip through EcoQuest Adventures and Tours” http://www.ecoquestpr.com/ecoh.html. We would highly recommend this company for any excursion in Puerto Rico they were awesome, well-organized and responsible.

We opted for two excursions




1)      Old San Juan City

2)      El Morro National Monument (Castillo San Felipe del Morro)

3)      Barrachina – Birthplace of the Original Piña Colada

4)      El Yunque Rain Forest (We skipped it as we did San Salvador Rain Forest)

5)      Luquillo Beach ( We skipped because our hotel beach was awesome)

6)      Streets – Calle Fortaleza (nice restaurants), San Francisco (nice restaurants), Calle Del Cristo (branded shopping area)

7)      La Fortaleza (office and residence of Governor of Puerto Rico)


DAY 1:

We got up early in morning had buffet breakfast at hotel and we were ready to get picked up at 8am by Eco Quest Tour Guys. Van came sharp on time in fact they were early. We met Hector, Huero and Mojito they were our tour guide for entire day excursions. Please do follow the instruction what they have given on their website on what to prepare for excursion. Make sure you have one extra pair of dry clothes back in van to change at end of excursion as you will get wet in Rainforest. It would be not advisable to carry back pack with you along while you trekking or doing any excursion also make sure you have tiny camera or water proof camera.

Our Excursion started with long river water stream up in rain forest. It was scary and fun at same time. It was way slippery so make sure you have water-resistant shoes we bought “Teva” for our trip. After hour and 2 hour worth of trekking we reached point where we had to do Rappelling under 80feet of water fall it’s an amazing experience. Check out pictures. After Rappelling they offered some fresh fruits and then we were off for zip lining. We did 3 seta of zip lining awesome view and feeling. After zip lining we were offered home cooked Puertorican meal. Being a vegetarian they were nice enough to cook us awesome vegetarian Puerto Rican meal. Picture says it all. It was great to learn that many Puerto Ricans are vegetarian but some do eat Seafood too but very rare population that eats red meat. At around 4pm they dropped us back to our hotel.

We took some rest and got freshened up and headed to Old San Juan city for dinner. We took taxi from our hotel worth $20 each one way trip. But it was worth it with no tension of driving and parking especially. We got dropped at Plaza Colón, thats were mainly cab driver will drop you and from there we stroll around the old city. Streets to explore “Calle Fortaleza” and “CAlle San Francisco” has some nice restaurants.  Calle Fortaleza leads to La Fortaleza which is office and residence of governor of Puerto Rico.

We stopped by “Barrachina – The Birth Place of Pinacoladas” how can we miss on that one. http://barrachina.com/.  Best ever Pinacoladas!!!!! After that we had dinner at “Café Berlin” if you are vegetarian this place is must to try. We had “Argentina Meat Loaf” it was yummy. After dinner we headed back to our hotel. Night life at our hotel is one of the most happening live music entertainments in town called “Picante”. We enjoyed till late night moving on SALSA beats.

 DAY 2:

Next day we got up and headed back to Old San Juan City to tour the great history and culture El Morro Fort “El Morro National Monument (Castillo San Felipe del Morro)”.

We had breakfast just next door to Café Berlin they had awesome breakfast we had vegetable wrap, Coconut-milk French toast with pineapple sauce and Puertorican coffee mmmm awesome breakfast. We headed than towards El Morro, you can walk through scenic ocean facing sidewalks or cut through city exploring. We took random streets as we wanted to see some city beautiful houses it’s so colorful.

For history check out the website http://www.nps.gov/elmo/index.htm

Don’t forget to try some slush, popsicle of different tropical fruit flavor and of course how can you miss on PinaColada flavor. Puertorican are known for Pinacoladas….

Around 3pm we headed back to hotel as we had evening scheduled for BIOLUMINESCENT BAY at FAJADRO which is like quite an hour or two worth drive. Tour guide picked us up from hotel around 4pm. We reached Fajadro around 6pm. We were given direction how to follow each other in dark night and kayak in sea through mangroves and some instructions once we reach lagoon. We were excited for the fun.

Kayaking through sea and mangroves was thrilling experience couldn’t capture any picture as we didn’t carry along camera. All pictures are during day time the sun was already set by the time we started kayaking and it was pitch dark. There were in total 16 kayaks and each kayak held 2 people. I and G struggled a bit at fist to maneuver our kayak and of course me freaking out as I am kayaking in sea and worried more what if kayak flips. Luckily throughout going in and coming out of mangroves we were all good and safely reached back on shore after 3 hours of kayaking (almost 45 mins to one hour paddling each way). We had to follow the guide into the ocean, and then into a small stream lined with mangrove trees to reach the lagoon. The way in was extremely stressful! Multiple groups led tours into the Bio Bay, and there is only one route in and out. There were parts that the stream was about 20 feet wide and there were groups passing each other, it was also totally dark, the only light was from the small glow sticks on the front and back of the kayaks. Multiple times we ended up in the mangrove trees and then had to find a way to pull ourselves out. It was scary at same time as it was pitch dark didn’t wanted to lose track where all other group mates are as we have to follow them throughout mangroves otherwise it’s said that you will  never find way out in dark if you get lost. Some people try to be funny and they bump into you but that drive me insane as its pitch dark and very tiring to maneuver. We finally made it to the Bay, and it was absolutely amazing! There are microorganisms in the water that, when disturbed, glow a bright blue. You could run your hand or paddle through the water and the shape would stay. Heading out of the lagoon bay was easier as we had an idea also had some rest and since we were quiet in front number 3 out of 16 kayaks so we could see the light of the guide in front of us and just had to paddle straight. Sea kayaking in dark under mangroves itself is great adventure. We got back to our hotel around midnight.

DAY 3:

We had flight back in evening. So we just relaxed at hotel beach resort. As G says that was a perfect vacation with a bit of everything.

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Hope you enjoyed trip pictures. (Includes rainforest, Beach resort, Old San Juan , El Morro and other pictures)


MEXICO – Cancun, Xel-Ha, Chichen Itza, Ik-kil


My radar is always on browsing on internet where next we can go on vacation. I can’t wait to plan for our next trip over long weekend. So finally we picked our destination for 4thof July’2010 weekend that we will have fun in Caribbean waters. We got mix reviews for visiting Yucatan Peninsula.

So, first we decided how we wanna spend our vacation; before I even start planning first thing G makes a point don’t make it hectic I wanna relax. Keeping that in mind we decided will book a good resort where we can chill out for a day and then explore the nearby area, enjoy water sports and also learn n experience Mexican tradition and culture. So we had 4days n 4nites in hand for our vacation.


Theres lot to explore around Yucatan Peninsula like Cancun (Hotel Zone Area), Cozumel (specially for divers), Isla Mujeres (island to explore), Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Chichen Itza, Xel-Ha Excursion , Xcaret Excursion and so on. So its up to individual how many days you have in hand and whats your main goal of vacation. I have seen people come with different expectations to this area. Some for water sport activities like diving at Cozumel where as some just to relax or for honeymoon at Playa Del Carmen or Cancun, some come for excursions at Xel-Ha or Xcaret and some like to explore the Mayan civilizations. So here I am trying my best to jot down all the basic details of our trip. I tried not to explain each details as it would be too long than. Anyways I am already late by year n half to blog about it. Enjoy!!!


If you planning to visit CANCUN than I would strongly press on to stay only in CANCUN HOTEL ZONE area don’t even experience exploring real CANCUN city without tour guide. It’s not safe and recommended. Also while shopping around local merchandise make sure you bargain the price as much as you can. Otherwise you will end up paying more than its original cost.


We booked our vacation package through Hotwire it cost us around ($1532) which included Continental Airline round trip airfare from Boston to Cancun, Our hotel stay at ME by Melia Cancun and Best Day Tour roundtrip pick up and drop off from the airport. We generally start browsing for the deals and tend to book month or 2 months ahead the trip date. We were lucky enough that Hurricane Alex didn’t spoil our vacation otherwise we had to cancel it. Hurricane passed the peninsula just a day ahead we landed.

DAY 1 – Travelling:

We had connecting flight from Boston – Newark – Cancun. We reached CANCUN around 10pm CST. We had “Best Day Tour” voucher of roundtrip pick up / drop off.  So we just followed the instruction as per given on voucher. It was easy to find them upon exiting the airport. We waited there around for 15-30 mins with other travelers. We were dropped off right in front door of our hotel. It was convenient ride. The Best Day representative at our hotel quickly looks up our information and gives us our return ticket back to the airport.  

NOTE: Make sure you don’t respond to any

Best Day Tour Shuttle - At Cancun Airport

timeshare or any other sales people at the airport or outside the airport.

As we step into main lobby of our hotel we were really impressed my it’s front lobby, very stylish and well interior decorated. We checked into hotel also we automatically got upgraded to ocean view side top suite. Awesome we were damn tired so just wanted to crash down.


ME By Melia Cancun Resort


DAY 2 – Enjoyed ME by Melia Cancun Resort & Explored Plaza La Isla:

ME by Melia Resort link – http://www.me-cancun.com/

Plaza La Isla Link – http://www.laislacancun.com.mx/content/

We woke up way too early first morning. I opened the window curtains and saw the killer view out of window… I was so excited that I woke up G and asked him to feel the nature. We couldn’t wait to explore our resort and get into water. We had breakfast at our hotel and then we decided to first book all our excursion tours.

Awesome View From Ocean View Room at Melia Resort

So we called Best Day Tour people. They offered, that sales guy will come to our hotel lobby where we can talk with them and decide which excursions we want to experience. He comes within half n hour and we started discussing all the options we can experience in 3 days. Wow was amazed by the options we had felt like even 10 days holiday would be too short to explore the area. We boiled down to two options we decided to explore “Xel-Ha” day trip and then next day go to “Chichen Itza”

After booking our tours we went on Hotel beach side and hang around there for couple of hours than we decided to get into hotel pool which was as gorgeous. It had pool bar too. So for entire afternoon till 5pm we enjoyed pool. We freshened up and then went for strolling around the area.

Melia Cancun Resort


Melia Resort Pool and Pool Bar Area

Melia Resort

Melia Resort

We read great reviews about “Plaza La Isla” so we started walking in the mall direction. We enjoyed there as we saw all different kind of activities there. We felt like eating traditional food though we both are vegetarian we had few limitation to the nearby area restaurants we decided to have dinner at “Taco Cancun Mexican Grill”. Amazing food and quite a lot vegetarian options. (They don’t have their website local owner owns it.). Cancun evenings are so romantic we came back to hotel rested a while near lounge area and pool area. Day 1 was fun we slept at midnight.

Plaza La Isla Cancun

Some Show At Plaza La Isla Cancun

Plaza La Isla - Taco Cancun Mexican Grill

DAY 3 – “XEL-HA” (XEL means “SPRING” – HA means “WATER”) Excursion

XEL-HA – http://www.xelha.com/

MARGARITAVILLE –  http://www.margaritaville.com.mx/

Xel Ha is an eco-archaeological site located south of Playa del Carmen in the called Riviera Maya. The name is the combination of the roots “XEL” means “SPRING” and “HA” means “WATER”. Xel Ha is the largest natural open sea aquarium in the world, which has to offer lot of water sport activities like Snorkeling, Sea Trekking, Snuba, Dolphins, Water tubing, and a perfect place to enjoy the biological parade of the Riviera Maya.


We were picked up from our resort sharp at 7am by “Best Day Tour” they picked up few other people from other resorts as well. We were provided with excellent tour guide for the entire journey to Xel-Ha. Also we got chance to explore real Cancun city on the way. The tour guide was all dressed up. After Xel-Ha Excursion we were dropped back to our resort by 7pm. We freshened up and went for dinner today we stroll around in other direction of resort. We had dinner at one of the famous restaurant “MARGARITAVILLE”. They had live music and dance and we enjoyed.

XEL-HA Experience:

We had booked all day inclusive packages which include the unlimited snack and lunch buffet, unlimited drinks, snorkeling equipments. Also we bought Sea Trek tickets separately. The park looked so natural the fun part we felt when the ocean water mixing with fresh spring water during snorkeling it feels like someone peeing. We enjoyed snorkeling in crystal clear lagoon …we got too see various tropical colorful fish from the Caribbean where the fresh spring water mixes with the ocean water, it also had spectacular rock formations.


Xel-Ha Park Path Way To Jungle

Xel-Ha Spring Water

Xel-Ha Snorkeling

Xel-Ha Park


We also walked down the park paths surrounded by jungle. We saw some huge creepy lizards on our path. They look scary but they don’t harm you as you approach near to them they will hide in bushes. We swim through the spring waters from one end to the other.

SEA TREK for 30 minutes was amazing experience for me being a non-swimmer. I was amazed by how beautiful it can be below the water to walk on seabed. Experience of seeing marine life so close is speechless..all surrounded by colorful fish, coral and Stingray. The sea trek helmet which is very bulky but it becomes very light once you down in the water it’s very comfortable for breathing. We were guided by a experienced diver who walked us through the seabed.

Xel-Ha Sea Trek

I couldn’t even imagine Xel-Ha had to offer so many varieties for even non-swimmers like me. By 6pm I was done with the day as I was overwhelmed by staying in water for so long for continuously two days. I really needed a break.

Nachos At Margaritaville Cancun

Margarita At Margaritaville

DAY 4 – “CHICHEN ITZA” and “IK-KIL” Excursion

CHICHEN ITZA – http://www.chichenitza.com/

IK-KIL – http://yucatantoday.com/en/topics/cenotes-underwater-sinkholes

Elefanta Indian Restaurant – http://www.elefanta.com.mx/en

After 2 days full of water sports we took off tour to famous Mayan Ruins – Kukulkan pyramids “Chinchen Itza”. We were picked up from the resort around same time at 7am. Tour bus stopped at one of the rural village on the way for traditional and cultural Mexican shopping. I got few souvenirs back home like hammock, colorful bowl, plate, napkin holder and magnet. Also we got to shop at Chichen Itza. Lot of bargaining is required otherwise you will end up paying 3-4times the price. Tour guide gave us informative session about Mayan Civilization and Culture.

Chichen Itza Pyramid

Chichen Itza Pyramid Top

Chichen Itza Explanation

Serpent Head - Chichen Itza

Mayan Calendar

Chichen Itza Street Seller

Than we were taken to traditional Mexican lunch buffet where they also had traditional mexican dance show. (I would strongly press if you are vegetarian you will not find anything to eat other than tortillas and rice and dessert). So we were not that happy with lunch. You better bag it if you are vegetarian and heading to rural area.

Traditional Mexican Dance

On the way back to Cancun we made stop at Ik-Kil a natural archeological park. There’s underwater sinkholes (cenotes) covered with vines running down touching water. It was thrilling there were stairs to go down to the bottom and experience the dive into the deep water. Only experience good swimmer should do it. I just watched the crowd while G dived in couple of time from the height.

Ik-Kil Underground sinkhole top view

Ik-Kil Underground sinkhole from bottom

Ik-Kil Underground sinkhole Dive point

We were dropped back to hotel around 8pm. We were darn tired so we booked spa appointment treated ourselves with all plush it was so much relaxing. Now we wanted to just have rich dinner and crash down. As we didn’t had proper lunch, we decided to go for some good restaurant that has good veggie options. We always keep a few Indian or Italian restaurants as back up where ever we go in case we don’t like the local eatery.  We both were craving for Indian food so we decided to walk down to Elefanta from our hit list. The restaurant ambience was romantic and so calm next to the lake. We had awesome and sumptuous romantic dinner.

Elefanta Indian Restaurant - Cancun

Lychee Martini - Elefanta Cancun

DAY – 5 – Travelling:

We woke up again to great morning had awesome breakfast at the hotel and packed our bags and headed to the airport. The “Best Day Tour” was on time to pick us up. Over all it was great experience and perfect holiday outing.